Embellished floral cast
Exhibiting at "The Prego Expo'
Pink Tutu Cast in Nursery
Leopard, floral, embellished cast
Flower Petal Covered Belly Cast
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Plain Cast prior to painting
Jungle Fun Belly
Ballerina Girls
Elegant Black Feathers and Crystal
Whimsical Turtle Under the Sea Theme

"Capture the beauty of your pregnancy, with a belly cast keepsake."




Michelle Williams

CEO, Casting Memories


Where Did I Start?

So, how did I establish my pregnant belly cast business? Well, I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, I was lucky enough to have my own belly casts sculpted during each pregnancy. I think it's a magnificent way to capture the beauty for a lifetime. Especially in years to come, once pregnancy is merely a memory. My belly casts allow me to reflect upon that wonderful period in life. My daughters are able to rub the belly they were inside, which would have never been possible, had I never discovered this beautiful art!

Central Florida's Premiere Pregnant Belly Cast Service

     Expecting a child is one of lifes greatest gifts. Embrace the beauty of pregnancy, and celebrate the journey of motherhood with a belly cast keepsake. After your belly cast is created, the solid white sculpture offers a blank canvas to customize with paint, adorn, or bronze. The belly casting is done in the privacy of your home, as an experience to share with loved ones, as a fun baby shower activity, or at one of our private facilities. Also, our belly casts make the perfect gift for the special mother-to-be. We offer gift certificate options, to surprise the recipient.


     You can paint the finished belly cast to reflect the wonderful feelings and emotions experienced while carrying your unborn baby. Or you can choose to have the cast painted by one of our professional expert artists. Another beautiful option is to decoupage the cast. Belly casts are a wonderful way to share your baby’s "first" nine months with him or her! A belly cast represents an eternal memory of pregnancy, the beginning of the relationship between mother and child. It's a precious and realistic way to preserve the most intimate time in developing the everlasting bond of a mother, and child.


     Mothers spend nine months looking down at their precious belly. They have a great bird’s eye view from above, and only a 2D view looking in the mirror. But nothing compares to capturing the beauty of pregnancy from every angle. A belly cast is one of the most accurate and realistic representations of pregnancy because it’s 3-dimensional, unlike photos and videos. It preserves the miracle of the changes mom’s body has undergone to bring a bundle of joy into the world. We look forward to capturing this joyous moment in time for you or a loved one.

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